My “Pretend” Conversation With Oprah

Oprah asks her Super Soul Sunday questions to her guests at the end of their interview. I always listen intently  and then wonder every time what would I say if Oprah asked me those same questions. Here goes…

Oprah: What is the soul?

Me: Our soul is a small piece of the whole of the Divine. It is our pure spirit that is inside the human body and is our beacon to fulfilling our purpose if we are willing to listen. Continue reading


Healing Begins

I was asked to do a beginners meditation class in a private setting. The hostess organized it and I showed up. Her and I didn’t discuss much about the event but agreed to a few details like time and place. I try to not think much about it because I am not a good person when I get into my own head. I am best to stay clear and believe that I can allow the soul to come forward.  Continue reading

Meditation Heals

She’s sitting in a peaceful room. A strong light illuminates from her. It is her soul shining. The walls start out as blank, but as she sits there then words start appearing along with images on the white walls. She wants to look away but she is unable to move. The memories of the past start flooding the walls to reveal all her fears, humiliations and resistance to her path. But, it also showed when she acted poorly to others and caused the same raw emotions for them. The walls went blank again. Her heart had to reckon with all she saw and felt. She asked herself, “Now what?”. A voice responded with, “Honor your soul. Be authentic. Be kind. Be still. It is time to answer your calling.” In a moment the walls revealed amazing moments of gratitude, kindness that she had given as well as received. She understood in her heart that it was those moments she had to make that a constant in her life. She was going to create change and the first place to start was within. Continue reading

Angels Are Listening

I chose some cards today for myself and all 3 had the same message that angels were around me. Support, Listen and Archangel Michael. I am supported by the angels, and the messages I am receiving are real that are coming from the Divine and to speak more openly to Archangel Michael that he will take on my burdens. I have received the Archangel Michael card many times. I don’t barely speak to humans about my struggles let alone an angel connected to God. But, every time I get the card I make the attempt to speak with him. You know the first thing I think is that he wouldn’t want to hear about my human worries and then I don’t know much else to say.  Continue reading

Safe Life Is Over

A safe life seems like what we all secretly want for ourselves. It seems that if we don’t have bad things happen then we will live a life that is comfortable and peaceful. The fear on the outside of what we can’t control makes taking a risk stop us in our tracks. The fear and worry outside of our homes is what motivates us to stay in. We feel any pain and we board up window, close more doors until we can’t see out. Instead of releasing the pain we protect it within ourselves.  Continue reading

Lightbulb Moment

I had an epiphany yesterday driving to the hockey arena. The arena has really wonderful people in it, but also very high-energy, competitive, controlling, manipulative people there too. It got me thinking about all the varied personalities on the way there for the second time that day because of our hockey tournament. Continue reading

The Face of Death


It is a foreboding message. But, it is also honest and expected. One day, we will die.

I got an early morning call from where my dad lives and they said he had been taken by ambulance. My first response after I hung up the phone was to notice what I felt in the moment and I felt calm which gave me the notion that my father was going to be ok. Last time he had called and went in by ambulance I didn’t have that ok feeling I knew that it was more serious and even though both paramedics and emergency doctor did not believe me when I said he had a stroke until his tests came back positive. I trust myself. Continue reading

Happens For a Reason

I’m still here.

It is an unusual time for me. I noticed that I haven’t really chatted with any friends. I’m not bothered by it. But, it all happened at the same time which made me notice it. And then I read that you need isolation to have a shift happen in your life. Isolation always felt scary like being alone is the worst thing that can happen, but I’ve learned being at peace by myself is a gift. Continue reading

You’re Never Too Old

I went to my second ol’ folks home Christmas party. The first one was at my dad’s and the residents there are more able-bodied. The second one was at my stepmother’s. She has dementia and needed to move into this facility this year. Many participated in the resident’s choir and played bells and tambourines. It was very festive. But, as you look around there is many who are unable to be a part of the activities.  Continue reading