Encounters With Spiritual Guidance

I have to tell you something about my life. It feels vulnerable but there’s a good lesson in this for me.

I recently had a paint night that I planned. Typically, I like when someone or a business plans the event and I just show up. I then only worry about supplies and not the cost of the space or getting the space ready. But, I did it myself because I was pushing myself to do more. I am trying to create more income to help with all the extras of life.

Dear Spirit – Butterflies

This is my last post about the Signs and Symbols  course from Carmel Joy Baird. 

I got home from work and grabbed the laptop and hurried to sit on the deck. I wanted to enjoy the sunshine before the supper rush was upon me. As I reached the door I saw the butterfly waiting for me. I had seen it here a few times during the week. I’d open the door and off it would go. 

I had never seen so many butterflies as I did this past week. There was a storm the one day and a couple sought refuge under the eaves. They would close their wings and hold steady while it poured and the wind tried to shake their grip. 

It was fitting to see this one before I wrote this last blog post. I didn’t know what to expect with requesting different signs and symbols for 24 weeks would do for me. It had started as a connection to my mother but I see that I have so many loved ones and angels all showing me that “hey, here we are” and that we exist. We are really only just energy just outside of yours. 

I feel that what it truly did was close a chapter on forgiveness for me and my mother. I was hurt by her in her death and now feel that we have buried the burdens of our past. If she was alive now and was going through a fight of cancer I would have done everything to help her. I just wasn’t equipped to do it at 16. I would have been the daughter she would have hoped for instead of the one she had then. But life wasn’t to be at that time. I’ve learned many things and she has been able to get through her own pain of her life. I believe with her gifts, if she could get past the hurdles of the human ego, she will be a powerful healer. 

Carmel’s favourite messenger is the butterfly do it was quite fitting that she saved it for last. Thank you for the healing it provided. Thank you for the connection that made me laugh and sometimes cry. Thank you spirits for giving me exactly what I need. 

Dear Spirit – Numbers

Numbers. This popped up in my Facebook feed and I screenshot it for this post. 

I would say my favourite numbers are 3 and 7. But, for this particular time they didn’t show up. I saw a few 222 combinations. I’d glance at the clock or see the time on my phone. The other I saw was 888.

From ask-angels.com :

The Angel Number 222 has a very significant and powerful vibration. It contains the attributes of 2 and 22, the Master Builder Number of inspiration, big ideas and the focus and persistence needed to manifest big dreams into reality.

222 as an Angel Number has to do with manifestation, keeping in balance, and creating blessings on a huge and global scale.

And from the same website: 

Seeing the angel number 888 is a call from your angels to bring greater balance into all areas of your life including home, work, lifestyle, healing, relationships, and even beliefs.

With a sense of balance, you’re then able to create something of value to share with the world. And when you do bring value to the world, you’re compensated fairly and abundantly.

In this way, when you see 888 it is often a good sign that there is abundance waiting for you too.

Both has balance in their meaning. I am ready for these things to happen in my life. 

My last signs and symbols will be this week. It’s been so wonderful to feel that you have an angelic group that supports and shows you amazing things. 

Thank you. 

Dear Spirits – Flowers

Flowers. It’s summer time here in Canada and there is many flowers blooming. But what Carmel said was that they would show up and surprise me in my signs and symbols for the week. 

I was picking green beans and I was worked through my row and lifted up the plant and here was this volunteer poppy peeking out. Poppies are my favourite. You can’t pick them and put them in water. They are only to be admired in the sunshine because a heavy rain or strong wind and the delicate paper quality of the petals disappears. I took a picture of the red fire ball within my bean plants. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Dear Spirits – Misplaced Objects

Ha! Yes, misplaced items. A friend gave me the strangest item to borrow and try. It is crown chakra spray. It is essential oils and holy water and crystal soaked spray. She handed it to me at a birthday party. I slipped it in my pocket. I brought it home and set it down and then it was no where to be seen.

At this same time, my little boy keeps on mentioning he can’t find his iPod. I remember seeing that as well, but it was gone.

Both items are at home….somewhere. I had read “Ask Your Guides” previously and they said you can ask for guides to help you find lost items. I did and later that day the crown chakra spray was in the top shelf of a closet. I had thought hmm, how did you get up here?

I haven’t found the iPod, but my little boy sure talked about it a lot this week. I did look for it, but haven’t seen it yet. I think the battery died so I won’t be able to use find my phone feature.

Thanks for the laughs and signs.

P.S. The crown chakra spray got me right in the face when I first used it. Lucky it had holy water in it.


Dear Spirits – Electronic Glitch

It was a strange week of these electronic glitches. The van volume button wouldn’t work. Many times my phone would vibrate indicating an email or text, but nothing. Lights would flicker at work. They would blink twice and then go back on with no issues.

I find this kind of communication most anxiety ridden. I’m not sure why it is, but I could assume the level of energy involved is felt even by me. Other forms of communication don’t have that feeling involved.

It was interesting and thank you for the signs. Love them, keep them coming.


Dear Spirits – Shooting Stars

Truthful blog means that you can’t lie. I did not see any shooting stars besides a bit of fire works but it was Canada Day here. So, I asked what can I write about in this post. I remembered the time I really did see a shooting star and felt that was the story to share with you.

As I was growing up my mom travelled a few times to visit her brothers in Toronto. Her one brother in particular she would stay with and would have such a great time with him and his wife. We never got to go on those flights. But, one time for a wedding we drove through the United States and came up around to Toronto. I got to meet my Aunt Julia. She was a spitfire of a woman. She would tell it like it is. She would feed you until you literally closed your eyes and your mouth. My mom thought the world of her.

I later travelled to Toronto on my own to spend some time visiting with my mom’s side of the family. I got to know them, but it isn’t easy. I don’t speak Polish and for some of them they don’t speak English. But, we still seem to communicate. I know enough words and can understand more then I can speak, so it works out.

We received an invitation to a 50th anniversary for my aunt and uncle. I told my husband we should go with the girls. We will make it a trip and go to this anniversary. We did. My aunt and her friends partied more then the young people. We went back to their home. My uncle was back not long after, but his wife was still dancing and drinking. We laughed because he lovingly mocked her dancing around and then swatted his hand and shook his head.

It was many years later and she passed away quite suddenly. I couldn’t fly out. We had some flowers sent. It was winter time and it was the day of the funeral. I was in our basement adding more wood to the fire. We have a wood room so there is plenty of wood packed in the house. I had thought of her many times through the day. I knew her family was grieving her loss. She was so much fun and so vibrant. But, for whatever reason I got this urge to open the basement door to the outside. I did. I looked at the starry sky and a shooting star passed just at that moment. Her name passed through my mind and I burst into tears. There she was. I closed the door and wept.

Thank you for the reminder of that story. She was a great lady and I am so glad she had this big life. She was that shooting star that night.

Dear Spirit – Coin


I’ve watched too many movies because when you ask for a sign you sometimes feel that the clouds roll in and the lightning will strike. It hasn’t worked that way for me. I don’t doubt that there is spirit out there, but I sometimes fail to ask or allow them to do their work in showing me. I was making more of an attempt to ask for a sign and then typically I ask for assistance to pay attention. This particular one was about coins. it wasn’t long after that I saw the picture on Facebook. It showed the dime on the pillow and I realized that I couldn’t ignore it. It was the first sign of coins. But, it wouldn’t be the last.

I rarely drive my husband’s truck. There was no reason to drive it except when my father called about cleaning at the cemetery. I wanted to take the grass trimmer and other lawn care tools. We took the truck. We (2 out of the 3 children were there) cleaned the grave sites while my father supervised. My mother is buried there along with my dad’s side of the family. There will be a graveside service and it has been a tradition each year cleaning and adding flowers. We came back and I cleaned out the truck of all the cleaning supplies. But, then I started tidying up all the other garbage my husband had in there. I grabbed tiny papers in the cup holder and there was a dime underneath. I stared at it thinking from the Facebook post that the picture was a dime as well. I felt joyful to find it. Thank you.

I was cleaning the house because I had been neglecting it for the past few days. I was enjoying long weekend summer freedom but it was time to get to work. I was using my central vac and was in the one bathroom and noticed something shiny on the mat. It was a dime. The dime on the pillow seemed to show the common theme I was seeing now. Dimes.

Thank you for showing me the coins. I feel like spirit was strong especially with my mother and my aunt. I will be visiting their graves today. Thanks to them for showing me they are still with me and giving me peace and comfort.


Dear Spirits – Dreams

I’m walking down a dusty path. I can imagine it’s hot, but can’t feel it. I sense it is an earlier time. The silence of the earth is deafening. It has a lack of activity in the air. I see you in the distance with the others. We all stop, but I sense you feel I am threat. You don’t recognize me in this body. I approach and notice I have a long bustled skirt. Is this the 1800’s? You are on a horse, but you get off yours.

I sense death is near for me if he doesn’t really see me. I walk toward you with purpose. I feel I haven’t seen you in a longtime. Your indigenous culture does not trust me and especially since I am a woman. We get closer and you have a weapon in your hand. I am unwavering in my expression. I am determined that you know me. You are also making long strides to reach me, but when you get close enough to meet my eyes you falter. I say to you, can you see me? Your expression goes back to devilish since I spoke English to you. But, I reach you and put my hand on your heart. You see something in me.

Shouting starts and shots are fired. Your friends are fighting with my people. I grab your hand and we run into the trees. I’m not scared. In my mind, I ask you to close your eyes. You do it. I ask if you remember me. You nod. I tell you our time together is short but I needed to see you in this time. You nod again. You open your eyes and we look at each other. Soul recognizing soul.


Dear Spirits – Flicking Lights

Signs and symbols this week was flicking lights. I think the most profound thing that happened with flicking lights is when I went to our neighbor’s (B’s) home. She has a traction table in her basement because she’s a retired physiotherapist. I don’t use it, but I go to help strap in my husband because B’s hands aren’t what they used to be.

So, I am sitting waiting for his 25 minutes of stretch to be over. B is telling us a story of her residency days and this particular surgeon. They were doing a hip replacement and had to pick the right size and make sure it was for sure the right size because it was cemented in. The size was chosen. They tell the residents to go for a break and come back to watch the rest of it. She said we came back in and she asked the surgeon oh you changed the size? They all realized that the wrong size was put in and the surgeon made a joke about needing a hammer and the nurse’s head that handed him the wrong size. The light bulb in one area of the ceiling goes off. I right away think it is spirit because that’s where my mind instantly goes. I wonder if it is the gentleman B is talking about. It turns back on. Moments later it goes off again and then back on. I ask inside whether or not it will do it anymore but I get the feeling it has stopped. B says, “Oh there are spirits in this house.” I nod thinking yes, and that was one of them. I wonder if the old surgeon just wanted to acknowledge that he remembers these funny memories too. My husband being the grounded one says, “Our lights flicker when the Air Conditioning turns on.” 😉