Free Myself

You know your onto something good when you can feel the ego rise inside.

The unknown is so strong. You have to trust in what you can’t see or understand.

If I don’t push pass I will stay stuck in this habitual mess of a life.

The choices I have made have made phenomenal  changes in my life.

The choices I have made have hindered my growth, sunk me deeper in the human condition and showed me the worst of my worries and fears.

I have prayed. I have asked. I want freedom from my prison that I created.

Be Brave

Be brave.

I am anything but.

I distract myself with nothing but seems like everything.

I think too much and then there’s no action.

I need ACTION.

Move forward.

Make goals.

Have failures.


Take a risk.

Be brave.


Fall And Then You Rise

I have been standing still in my life.

Blaming and resisting seemed like the key.

Build a wall.

Protect my wounds.

It was dark and only a small glow came from within.

I started peeling the layers of pain.

More and more to where I stood naked, alone and bare.

“This is who I am” I whispered.

Vulnerable. Afraid. Fear.

There was nothing. The world kept moving in its slow rotational pattern.

“This is me” My voice quivered but was stronger.

More was released from me. Shame. Thinking I was not enough.

I looked at all my worst mistakes and I forgave myself.

I opened my hand to reveal I’ve always held the key.

“This is who I am!!” I shouted.

Freedom. Forward.


Dear child, hear my wise voice so loud and clear

Don’t fret teenagers of the trials of school

Be true! Let no one try to create new fear

Rise above and know who you are. Be cool


If it is freedom you want then grab hold

The web of lies and labels you must fight

Where? You ask. It is within your soul, be bold

There is a fire there, so pure in light


In troubling times, darkness falls on you

But, your soul will shine even brighter then

Many will attempt to make you be blue

Trust the universe, you can’t comprehend


One day you’ll graduate, you will feel free

Spread your wings dear one. It’s safe. Believe me.