Fear Rising: Release It

When issues come up in society there becomes a separation of how people behave. The political climate, the coronavirus and toilet paper issues create some definitive lines in the sand. For someone like me, the common thought for all these issues is fear. Fear that life as we know it might change. Put in a new government and it will be better. It’s not better. They made promises and the global markets didn’t change. Or the virus has caused a stir in people buying out soap, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. It makes you wonder if hand washing or using toilet paper was not being done before the virus.

Reading comments on social media just amplifies the fears. A person shared a comment saying a doctor said it, but there was no proof that this person is a doctor or actually had any good authority about the virus at all. But they circled it and shared it. Isn’t it strange that what you then fear you can find any article on the internet to support it even if it’s incorrect?

Then videos being shared with people stock piling toilet paper. People have to remind them in the videos to slow down and not hurt others while grabbing toilet paper packages.

The biggest part of all of this for me is that if something really bad happened that there would be people willing to hurt another because of fear. They wouldn’t share what they had in case they caught a germ. Social media comments are always one stating facts, the other sharing fear and that we should protect our own and then there’s the one asking for compassion and being blasted for being liberal.

I always believed that after 2012 the spiritual wave that was heading in strong would create more change. But it hasn’t. I have really noticed that the fear is encompassing so many. Is our society going back to sleep? I used to have many I spoke to about spiritual practice and now they’ve dwindled down. I must sound and seem like a liberal flake in my social media. I want to remind everyone of the beauty of the world and of the importance of connection to others as being so important. Gratitude for all we have. It’s my practice each morning but I feel lost when I leave my haven. Do I turn off social media and the news?

I can’t seem to get away from the fear of others. My fears are more internal that I won’t live the life I was supposed to work toward and I’ll look back and didn’t put in the effort and love more and make time for what matters. Those are huge fears for me. But, dying of a virus would suck but I can’t stop living life. A large number of things could kill me. It’s all possible. Sometimes I think the universe creates things to make us open our eyes to what matters, but what most do is jump to fear and hoarding toilet paper.

My advice, we all should have been washing our hands so carry on. Politically, all people are needed in our community. So, could we be kind even if you don’t agree? Listening and trying to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes without judgement. Toilet paper, seriously? If you are grabbing paper in a fury and stealing it from another human in a supermarket rage may you have diarrhea for a year.

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