Faith Over Certainty

You get the voice that shares a feeling. It only makes one reference such as “go ask that person out” or “quit your job”. But, the mind comes in wants to see the entire thing. But, that feeling is a preview. The voice can’t tell you why because you’ve never done it before. So, we ignore it and fall into society’s belief that we should talk ourselves out of it. The voice can’t tell you anything more because you’d be moving from faith to certainty. We sabotage our lives and have done everything we can to stop ourselves from thriving.

-paraphrased from Kyle Cease video

I recently have been writing down my ideas in the note section of my phone. And I grapple with the same things that he mentions in this video. I get the idea and it won’t take long but the mind convinces me that I am not enough to complete it or that someone else is doing it and worst of all that no one will show up.
The other aspect of what he mentions is that a small part of me wants to know the outcome of the idea because I only want to continue if I’m prosperous with it. But, as he says the idea comes into fruition from faith not certainty. I weep at that. I have faith in many others but not myself. Failure isn’t typically fun. Having a great idea when no one shows up makes you question your voice of intuition. Doubt and fear come up easily. Faith?
His words though have put into perspective some of the issues I face. My ideas I have recently wrote down a few of them would just require that I make a call or send an email to ask if they had any interest in what I was offering. I will start with those. Send them quick and release the outcome. Surrender. Accept that it could be a fail. Accept that not everthing works out when you take a risk. I have to learn to embrace it better. If you never try you never know.
This has been one of my patterns. What will it take to break it?

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