A Prison I Made

Here it begins.

Debbie Ford isn’t with us anymore. But, her work on our shadow self is just as needed. I have studied it in the past, but the one thing I learned is that if you open the door and take a peak that you will get a good taste of what is there. Most of us want to slam the door and go back into denial. I do too. But, each time I look it seems that I get a little closer to the truth.  Continue reading

Grace to Freedom

I did it. I finally did a Facebook live. I wrote some things down to keep a train a thought. And then I got a little nervous and had second thoughts but when I looked down at my phone it said 1:11. It was a sign in my mind that I had to go through with it. I did. It was great.

After, I went to a drum circle which was so fabulous. You wish after it all it carried on for a couple more hours. It was so much fun. The next weekend I went to a Wellness Expo to showcase my chakra/angel card readings. I felt nervous again, but my friend reminded me that every time I feel uncomfortable that it is a good thing for me. Continue reading