Reflection Noticed

I have nearly always tried to protect myself from the energy of the room. I read the quote recently and I do not make that attempt to influence an entire room. I typically expect that when I head to certain “rooms” that I will be faced with difficult people and just try to get out unscathed. I never considered the possibility, but I think that this is what my life is trying to show me… the potential possibilities of who I am. Continue reading

Parental Advice

I recently listened to a podcast with Oprah and Dr. Shefali Tsabary on Super Soul conversations. It was well timed since it had to do with  conscious parenting. I had recently been at the provincial hockey tournament over the weekend and I am going to say that there is a lot of unconscious parenting going on. The team that ended up winning had a coach that swore and yelled. He dragged a player down to the net when it was time for handshakes because he blamed that child for us getting a goal. The worst part is that they won the game. He yelled at a child and the kid covered his ears with his gloves. Perspective on this is that these kids are 9-10 years old. Later, this same team Continue reading