Over A Hurdle

I spoke of fear in my last blog post and I overcame a small hurdle. I finished my painting which helps ebb that worry of exposing my art to a new public. Is that the secret? Complete the project anyway even if the road is tough so you can feel the sense of accomplishment.

I know I might be judged immensely in this upcoming art show. Maybe not to my face but as they huddle around checking out all the artists over the weekend. It just doesn’t have to matter…to me.

This painting in particular I felt really scared. I started and had the end result in mind but you have to get there first. I went back to it several times to create life in the eyes. When I could start to see that life there was hope in finishing. I finally am close to completion. But, it’s the fact that I had to pray on it and ask to get clear while I worked on it. It’s almost like meditation when you think of nothing but your next brush stroke. Your mind stays in the now. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t perfect but it’s done. And if one thing I’ve learned from following an artistic path the work that gets completed is by far the most powerful part of my life compared to the pieces that sit uncompleted. And I’ve got a few of those sitting around.

So as I struggle through this I want you to know that if I can overcome a hurdle then so can you. Peace out!!

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