Wanting More

I get scared a lot. I worry about wasting time. Time running out. Getting caught up in the ego.

I have another art show coming up. It’s exciting and I’m terrified. Am I ruining the experience by being fearful? The worst fears come up such as am I good enough? I can easily talk myself down but inevitably that voice finds time to speak.

I wonder about myself. I saged myself and lit a candle this morning asking for guidance. I want to be shown which direction to go in. Do I read another 4 books? Do I continue trying to get my art seen? Do I write a book? Do I focus on healing? Do I do it all?

I heard something today…I crave emotional connection. I really want to feel connected but I feel as far away from most people as I can be. I don’t think it’s the point in life. I’ve said it before that human connection is by far the most important thing you will have but it’s the true connection with others. I only have a few of those. But, how does connecting with others and my life purpose come together?

I guess we will see what the universe allows!

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