Earth Angel

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in art, opinion or love; it all has its place in the universe. – me

I went and picked up my 2 pieces at the art show last month and as I said in a previous post I felt the Curator criticized my work on the opening day. So, when I picked up I spoke with her if I could just take the pieces and was there anything else to do, and she said take them. But, she said to me that the horse painting was the favorite of the show. I thanked her and left. 

I learned a lot about myself from that last show. She was tough on me and it made me question myself. I had to look around at the other art pieces that she deemed really good and I knew I am never going to be like them. My vision is different. And then to come back to have one of my paintings as the favorite made the criticism fade away. Painting and art in general, can take on a very personal part of the artist. I have prayed on pieces to allow my mind to be quiet and that intuition take over the brush. Over thinking can easily ruin a picture as well as looking for perfectionism. I found letting go of any art work being perfect is like a magic potion for me. It makes doing it without the thought that it has to be exactly a certain way make for happy mistakes or challenges that I have to learn from as an artist.

In the end, I have to remind myself about my own opinions…it is ok to have them. But, as long as your intention is not to hurt anyone, but how they take it is not up to me. Just as the Curator in my life she may have thought she was just being honest and how I dealt with her opinion was up to me. I say thank you. If everyone in my life was just constantly praising me then where would I be. I did have to think about what she said and take the stuff out that felt personal and emotional and then I could take what I wanted from it. And that is all we can do. My friend told me that when she has been called out on her own bullsh*t it made her look deep inside at things that needed to change. It is uncomfortable but sometimes a shift needs to be made. Earth angels come in all forms some will be beyond kind and some will be opinionated Curators, but we will learn a lesson from them all. Thank you.



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