Free Myself

You know your onto something good when you can feel the ego rise inside.

The unknown is so strong. You have to trust in what you can’t see or understand.

If I don’t push pass I will stay stuck in this habitual mess of a life.

The choices I have made have made phenomenal  changes in my life.

The choices I have made have hindered my growth, sunk me deeper in the human condition and showed me the worst of my worries and fears.

I have prayed. I have asked. I want freedom from my prison that I created.

Embrace Discomfort

Ego for me is wanting to stay safe and comfortable. I will deceive myself in any way possible to make my mind take a problem and turn it around in different ways for it to fit right in my world. I want to shelf it and put it in my brain cells as solved. I will not trust her again. He is a horrible person. That hurt my feelings so I will no longer attend those social functions and on and on. I tried to justify my world and make it safe again.

In awareness it is true freedom to live a life with purpose. But, there is a level of being uncomfortable. You will face a problem and have emotions but will allow them to pass through without judgement and fear. We have been taught to live by ego so that means that we believe we must behave a certain way, wear certain clothes, talk correctly, etc. We have rules that dictate our behavior that society created or we made up. We do it to make our world inside safe and understandable. In awareness we don’t harbor what society tells us to say, think or do. We must follow our intuition and trust God, Source and the universe. Continue reading