A Long Time Gone

I recently got back from a trip to Cuba. We took our family on our first ever warm vacation. It was a lot of excitement even getting passports and booking the trip. We went with another couple and friend which all had travelled to Cuba many times and had lots to show us.

We had an amazing time. The blue water and white sand was mesmerizing. The Cuban culture and music inundated us at all times. We went on some excursions as well as going out to the country side. It was a huge eye opener for our children to see Cuba not just from the resort, but to see the normal life of families in this country. Continue reading

The Platform

“Wherever you are, that is your platform.” Oprah Winfrey.

I couldn’t bear to write anything this past month. I have promised the truth in this blog but when I get to a layer of my self that I can barely stand to look at with such obvious shame I stammer at saying anything. I was practicing meditation, but it was hitting a plateau. I wasn’t giving up, but it wasn’t feeling right either. Continue reading