A Guide to Divine A**holes

I have a big love of podcasts and today was no different and sometimes it sparks a new thought or sometimes it ties together what the universe has been trying to get me to notice. I have been aware of my wounds and my fears so listening to Gabrielle Bernstein today was another opportunity to look at those wounds and keep healing.

*Warning: if you have an aversion to the word asshole, you won’t like this post… Continue reading

My “Pretend” Conversation With Oprah

Oprah asks her Super Soul Sunday questions to her guests at the end of their interview. I always listen intently¬† and then wonder every time what would I say if Oprah asked me those same questions. Here goes…

Oprah: What is the soul?

Me: Our soul is a small piece of the whole of the Divine. It is our pure spirit that is inside the human body and is our beacon to fulfilling our purpose if we are willing to listen. Continue reading

Healing Begins

I was asked to do a beginners meditation class in a private setting. The hostess organized it and I showed up. Her and I didn’t discuss much about the event but agreed to a few details like time and place. I try to not think much about it because I am not a good person when I get into my own head. I am best to stay clear and believe that I can allow the soul to come forward.¬† Continue reading