Broken Spirit

I leaned forward.

He leaned toward me.

“I see broken people.”

Bruce Willis looked so shocked by this.

“I see broken people.” I repeated.

“Am I broken?” he asked.

“We all are.”


She’s a competitor, attractive and outgoing. She is a dominant personality. But, when she opens her mouth she spews out anger and controlling behaviour. She attacks first and when confronted she backs off but stews in it. There is no admittance of bad behaviour. She is always right.

So, I watched her have a freak out. And then I saw it…her true self. She didn’t reveal it, but it came to me that all her control, anger was a thinly veiled disguise over her perceived weakness. Anyone trying to create so much control over her own emotions, her family, and everyone else around her has so much fear.

And so while everyone was angry at her for the tantrum she carried out I got the sense of her needing more. Now, I wasn’t running up to give her a hug and tell her, “You are loved woman!” Honestly, she would hurt me. I have never seen her budge in her fights. I don’t feel sad for her, but I see that she is broken in spirit and that she has picked up those pieces and harnessed those on the body creating the stiffest wall around her.

She is like so many. She is stuck in the human ego and she thinks that she has to fight for everything. It is making this earthly world so important. It isn’t. She desires all the good things all people want in their life, but she thinks she has to take it away from others and then finds she didn’t get it anyway.

So, I accept her this way. I asked that I hoped she would be open to kinder thoughts. I will not let her put her will on me, but will allow her to be her own self. She must find her own way and I hope that she can awaken to a life that holds joy and happiness, but just like me she is on her own journey.

The lesson is be kind to all; we are all the same.

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