Unpopular Opinion

Your in a meeting for a group project and there’s a lot of good vibes, or so you think, that this discussion is going well and in your favor. But, someone speaks up and questions your ideas or pokes at some of the holes in the plan and you feel agitated. It is some liberal nut cracker who wants things to less bias and all you hear is more paperwork which no one will read. In your mind, you wonder why do they feel like they have to rock the boat here. The holes aren’t a big deal and will be ironed out once we get going. You have the vision and support of enough of these people to see it through. The plan will get the organization to a better place and any naysayers that say it isn’t fair should realize that life isn’t fair and sometimes the grown ups have to make the big decisions.

Now, imagine your in a meeting listening to the organizers and you start to clue in that they are only doing this for the benefit of themselves. There’s a big picture here, but they have blinders on. You don’t want to get involved because the group that  you are going up against is part of a clique. They clearly have support but they only support the speaker because they are hoping it benefits them too. But, you listen and though the story they tell is pretty convincing you can see that they are trying to work it so it is really in their favor and that they will end up with a lot of authority to pick and choose which most likely won’t be good for anyone not part of their group. It bothers you that they aren’t looking at the group as a whole. So, you ask some questions.

What if I said both people are in the same meeting?

My opinion is not the popular choice. But, who I face in these moments are people who believe they are entitled, their status and money should mean something. Kerwin Rae says “Entitlement is a symptom of lack.” He goes onto say that the world owes you nothing and when you demand and people enable you with your demands it will be bathed in resentment. He goes onto say that what we are entitled to is our opinions, choices, speech and actions. If those produce what you want then it is yours. But, if it doesn’t and you think demanding it will give rise to its creation you are destined to repeat your patterns until you awaken. So, no wonder that calling someone out who feels entitled makes their back go up and feel the fight. It is where we demand that same request, how is this fair?  I can tell you as someone who can pick out someone thinking they are entitled that they have a lot of sheep following them. It can feel difficult to go against what seems like the popular or safe choice, but I think that when you realize they have no sense of awareness that maybe you can set in motion a little change instead. Our world is crying for it. It is time to think outside of our Self and start seeing the bigger picture.


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