Soulful Heart

One night driving home I was feeling sad that my hubby was feeling off. He had a lot on his plate and was feeling the stress and pressure from it. But, I sometimes get the withheld feelings from him. It bothers me. I saw a shooting star and my first thought was to wish for myself, but I asked that his heart would be lightened. I felt that wish was one that would benefit us all if he had a happier heart. And, he did.

A week later I saw another shooting star and I cried. I felt the message was now it is my turn to make a wish for myself. As you’ve read through my blog you’d understand why I have struggled in wanting anything for myself. I am so grateful for my good fortune, but always feel that wanting more takes away from something that I already have. So, I wished for myself. I laughed and thought of the craziness of the thoughts, but felt good to wish for more abundanceĀ using my true passions.

I have finished my third mediation session in my community. I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be me. I don’t know exactly where life is taking me but I’m ready for it. My next project is to do the fundraiser on behalf of my mother for Ovarian cancer. If I haven’t mentioned I am going to paint canvasses and put them up for auction and whatever I get will be donated. The best part of this process is that every painting is taking a risk. I see something that inspires me and when I wonder could I use paint and make my imagination come to life then I know I am choosing the right painting to share. It has been everything you want in life…being creative and passionate.

This post today is really to say thank you to the universe for making me realize the grace, humility and passion it takes to really live life. Thank you Thank you Thank you.



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