What if

What happens when you take a risk and be vulnerable? Well, first you get scared, but because you want to take a risk you look at the fear. You can’t face what you aren’t willing to feel. I heard so many statements that made me want to stay small. I know it isn’t rational so I let it go. The worries decreased and then the focus on the goal took over.

Recently, I had put in a proposal to do a beginner meditation group. In the confines of my soul it is a great idea and will be received well. But, as I proceed with the plan then ego starts coming into play. I talked myself out of it for a year. A whole year!!  A month ago I finally put it out there and had a great response.

I had my first session.  It went well. I had 17 people show up. I was nervous and I tried to keep myself on track. I came home and then doubt creeps in again. I forgot to say something. Was it too hard for some of them? Did it make sense?

I had to stop myself. Instead, I shared with my friends that couldn’t attend a recording of the first one. I got almost another 20 people that wanted to listen. I felt hesitant to press send, but kept pushing it. I felt like I was breaking free every time I did it. You know what got me through being vulnerable in that? I kept telling myself it wasn’t about me, but people in my community had a need for healing. They wanted to have a chance to try something new and they trusted me. I told them to breathe, so I better take the same advice.

I am working on my plan for my second session. You know what they say, once you do what you fear then it loses its grip on you. And that is my advice to all of you. I fought this off for a year and then took the plunge, but I will say it was just as sweet. Don’t give up. It was the best decision I made.

Be brave. Take the risk. What if you just dared?



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