Being Naked

*The only reason I can write this blog is because as I promised from last post that I had to take a risk. I did it. I wrote up a 4 week beginner meditation proposal that I would facilitate and sent it to an organization to see if they would allow me in their space. I sent it and felt naked.

I know we understand what being naked is like in the physical body, but what happens when we strip down the spiritual body? And what are we taking off?

My spiritual body is my soul. As I enter the human body it doesn’t take long for my limitations and walls to start going up. Protections need to be made, boundaries are drawn and labels start to stick which in turn start to block the soul from reaching the space between us and our True Self.

How can we strip this down? Meditate. Meditation leads to peace, calm, stillness which goes to awareness and mindfulness and the present moment. Worries don’t live in the present they belong to the future and fears are derived from the past. The present moment needs the awareness that we must be the observer like the angel on the shoulder instead whispering hopefully that our intuition will hear.

Trust. This is where you have to release control. You have no control over others, even though it feels like we could, but they still have a mind of their own. Trust me, I have 2 teenage daughters. The more we realize that the only control we have is over ourselves the more freedom we have. We go about our life and when things come up we react and hopefully it is with compassion and empathy, but however you choose that says everything about us. If we have a breakdown, screaming fit, manipulate, become passive aggressive and so on that is about us. But, if we remain calm but the person with us freaks out that is about them. If the store owner yells at you even though they are in the wrong and they won’t even listen to reason that is about the store owner. Their reaction is about them, and your reaction is about you. Trust that this is all you have to remember.

Your thoughts create your future. So, realize if you say I will never get that or be able to do that or I will never go on a trip; you are absolutely right. The reason you are where you are right now is the thoughts you had in the past. If you knew everything was going to go wrong and then it did you created it with the energy. It is time to believe that everything you ever wanted is possible. You do not know how it will happen but just have the thought that there isn’t any reason why not. Many times your mind will tell you no way, but you just have to kindly say, but what if it was possible.

The universe has a plan bigger then you can imagine. If we could let go and trust and speak our words into action then we can stand spiritually naked and be who we really are meant to be. Be brave.


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