Second Chance

Being a human with a soul is truly a struggle. The confines of our body. The societal pressures to be “normal”. The fears that wreak havoc on our mind keeping us small and unassuming. Getting too comfortable. Confusing to follow your dreams and loving life if you have no followers. The need to document on Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube but never the true self just a well manicured image. We want to be loved and accepted. But, everything we do proves that we don’t. We are scared to be real because it may lead us away to the unknown. This is scary and different. Who do you think you are? You think you’re better then us? People don’t support you they try to bring you down to their level.

Love? To fully experience a connection you must love without judgement. I saw that today. I had a player on my team make a big mistake. It wasn’t an error on the field but a choice before the game. I took him home to his mom. I told him I hoped he learned his lesson. His mother was clearly upset with him. But, after I told him I still loved him. I said learn from it but I still love you. His mother had tears in her eyes. I’m not exactly sure why she felt emotion in that moment but I would tend to believe that not many approach him the way I did. No judgement and lots of compassion.

I thought about my mother and her cancer diagnosis when I see people around me with disease. I can honestly say I have given my mother’s illness a lot of thought on how I believe it happened. My analysis has been that she was not living her authentic self. She worked hard but I think when she reached her 40’s she started having resentment. She went back to work in town and off the farm. She tried to do some things she thought would elevate her spirit, but it didn’t. She had gotten comfortable. Everything felt safe. I think that is the biggest contributor to why we don’t step up and live our real passion. We are scared to walk towards the fear. We would rather keep it safe and boring and make excuses for a safe life then to truly go out and live it. But, denying ourselves our real life seems to contribute to disease.

We think there’s more time. But, the time is now. Read an article or book on someone who was diagnosed with cancer and survived and how they changed their life with their second chance. Or surviving a crash when you surely should have died. We need to start realizing that even having the thought that ‘there is more to life then this’ is our second chance. Make a choice to be bolder, braver and savage (teenager slang). Savage to them means being fierce and a bit of a rule breaker. To be real will mean to follow your own path, but it seems if you can break past the hard part the path will smooth and it will all make sense. You’ll see you were meant to be on that path all along. It is my advice to anyone going through something difficult I always say you’ll be stronger in 3 months then 6 and you’ll be shocked and who you use to be in a year from now. And that will be us looking back on the path that wasn’t meant for us.

Your second chance starts now. Don’t wait for a doctor and a diagnosis to make you fight for a second chance. You can choose. You’ve always had the power. If you can be anything, be savage.



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