Inner Space

There is a space within that resides between your soul and human self. It is the space that I believe is where you can be in best alignment.  You see your human experiences going past you like cars on a train. Emotions rise and fall in that place, but it isn’t held there. Your emotions don’t stick in that space. Your old hurts don’t live there either. But what you do hear is the whispers of the soul which direct you to live your best life. It isn’t directing you to riches, houses, cars, etc. it is pushing you to connecting with others and healing.

How do you get to that space?

Stillness – taking pauses in life: walk in nature, noticing your breath, pay attention in your moments in silence. It is said to raise your vibration finding peace in the Now.

Meditation – take time every day to close your eyes, breath and release thoughts in your mind.

Love- seeing your Self with love, loving yourself. If you love yourself then that leads to loving others more easily and then which spreads to seeing others and yourself with compassion and empathy.

When this starts to be revealed in your life what you notice is the space between your human self (ego) and your soul self. The soul doesn’t care about what the human cares about such as money and power. It cares about connection. It cares about fulfilling your sacred contract of your purpose here on earth. I can guarantee that you will get no congratulations on your income in death, but on your good deeds, when you loved freely and gave openly.

We can’t just go into spirit because we are in our human body. But, we can connect to the space that is in between the two. We can be aware of our human interactions and let the anger and jealousy that comes up fall away. And then trust that your soul knows what to do and can handle anything. Others will want you to fail, criticize and judge you, but if you are in that space you will see that it isn’t about you, but instead them. The more you practice this the more you’ll come to the knowledge quicker and quicker.

As well when you’re in that space and then you experience love and joy then you feel it so much deeper that it fills you up.  It makes everything look new. It gives all things hope. My go to thought is always: The worries of life are to be dealt with, but I won’t give up all my energy to these small things, because if my family was in pain I would drop all of those worries and care more about my connections.  I then use that as my centering point when I feel overwhelmed. It puts me back to what is truly important with my time here: Connection to others. Healing.



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