Loving the Ordinary Life

Ordinary? It sounds so….boring. But, living an ordinary life can be such a blessing. It is all in how you look at it. I’ll show you in 2 scenarios to help you understand.

Ordinary=Boring Life

  1. Got up.
  2. Made coffee.
  3. Fed dog and take him outside.
  4. Got ready for work.
  5. Kiss kids goodbye on their way to school.
  6. Arrived at workplace.
  7. Busy day.
  8. Spilled coffee on shirt. Ugh.
  9. Picked up groceries.
  10. Came home and started supper.
  11. Take dog out for walk.
  12. Asked kids about homework.
  13. Watched some TV.
  14. Went to bed.

Ordinary life with awareness:

  1. Got up early, meditated, did some yoga stretches.
  2. Caught the first few rays of sunlight. Beautiful sights.
  3. Made coffee. Held the cup to warm my hands. Still loving the sunrise.
  4. Go feed the dog. He’s so happy. Jumping and excited to greet me. Lots of rubs, pats, licks and tail wagging. Take dog outside. Watching him be so playful and know that I should look at life like he does. It is all new to me.
  5. Get ready for work. Put some music on. Kids roll eyes at my music choice, but we laugh.
  6. Have a funny chat with kids. Asked my son if he was marrying a boy or girl in his future. He said he was going to marry a tree and have apple babies. Then said a girl. Then said I’m marrying mom. Ha!
  7. Got to work. Greeted everyone there. Told them funny stories about my kids. We laughed and grabbed our coffees.
  8. Day was busy, but great people stopped in. Shared some laughs. It flew by.
  9. I spilled my coffee on my shirt. I was so grateful that I had an extra top in my vehicle. How did that work out for me?
  10. Picked up groceries. Helped an older couple reach some items on the top shelf. Saw an old friend in one of the aisles. Had a nice 5 minute chat.
  11. Came home to the dog excited. Kids were a bit grumpy, but eventually pulled out of their school day funk to start telling me what happened. They share their victories and their struggles. I listen and offer assurances and encouragement. I started supper.
  12. Took the dog out for a walk on the trails. There is beauty all around even though its still wet and the grass and trees are just barely starting to stretch out after their slumber during winter. The dog sniffs everything and enjoys himself. I stare up some of these large trees awestruck with the sheer size and power they possess. Birds are chirping. It is so quiet that you can hear the wings beating as the blackbirds fly above.
  13. Asked kids about homework. Helped them with some questions. Dishes got done. Lots of hugs are given. Remind them about events tomorrow and making their lunches.
  14. Cuddled up with husband on the couch and watched some TV. It is our chance to catch up on our days. We share some laughs and release our stresses from the day. It’s nice.
  15. Off to bed. Blessed with another great day. Kissed and hugged all the kids. What a great end to a great day.

It is all in how we look at life. If we feel we are blessed in our everyday moments then more blessings will come.


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