Spring Storm

The sun is out and it feels like spring here in my shiny province of Alberta. I went for my run/walk because my body isn’t there to run only. I saw the pussy willows starting to come out. It is really a sure sign until I heard the most majestic noise…thunder. It is spring. The dark clouds rolled in and I heard the sound that isn’t here during our torment of snow during winter. My first thought was yes please! Rain! Let that warm rain take away the rest of snow and bring out the green grass. And when the landscape gets brighter so does our hearts.

If you don’t know Alberta we have all four seasons here. We have winter which is cold and snowy, spring which is really just when it melts off all the snow and then it seems you blink your eye and summer is over and then it goes to my favorite season which is autumn, but the bad part is that it leads to winter again. Honestly, I love it here. I love seeing all the seasons. And summer is really the most amazing part for the long days. The high point of the summer is when it is still light out after 10pm and the kids are still playing. I can’t tell you how many times you’ll be outside and then come in and be in disbelief over the time. The low point is that in winter our days for light are cut short. I sleep best in winter.

For me winter is a break. I typically can read more books during that time. The snow covers all of the work on our farm. But, when spring time hits it changes. Spring cleaning on the farm has commenced. I fill a shed with all the recycling during the snow season. So, off to the dump my husband and I go. It was like an impromptu date. Haha…no, no it’s not. Spring usually brings more happiness. Fresh start. Spring rain is usually a chance to wash the dust off and the green grass begins its slow approach to the sky. But, I didn’t realize that this time I caught the storm in my heart. I am not sure what is brewing, but my dear friends it is not going to be pretty. My anger has come up so strong that I haven’t felt like this in a very long time. It simmers in a pot and in a way I relish this because it is strong and a bit scary. And I think that if I can face it that the sun will never be so bright, the grass will never look so green and I will have my fresh start.


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