Eat Your Vegetables

There isn’t anything more hilarious then my children and their antics. We just can’t go through the day without someone saying or doing something that makes me shake my head or laugh out loud.

It starts innocently. I make supper. I try to make variations in those meals. I try to buy different veggies and even fruits for them to try. We had asparagus tonight. My husband and I like it. One daughter eats it. Other daughter tries not to take any. I put one on my son’s plate. So, he eats everything else but leaves the lonely asparagus. He wants ice cream. I say you have to eat the green thing first.

Him: I don’t like it.

Me: You didn’t try it.

Him: I can’t.

Me: You have to try it.

Him: No.

Me: No ice cream.

Him: How many bites?

Negotiations ensue. I say 10. He gets to 5. He gags and looks like he’ll puke it on the plate. I start laughing. He gets mad. I laugh harder. I tell him that his dad asked he go get his sister so he heads downstairs to find her. As he walks down the stairs I tell him, “Maybe you don’t like asparagus.”



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