Inspiring More Time

I have a routine in the morning and have been doing this for a year. I wake up at 5:15am. I go to the bathroom, grab a glass of water and put on my Bluetooth headphones. I start listening to my meditation while my water boils for coffee. Coffee is made and I sit down and start the mantra and meditation. After that, I drink my coffee. I set the intentions for the day. I then do the reiki self-healing on my own body. I move to the yoga mat and stretch. I do salutation to the suns and ask for the blessings and how can I serve today. I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I wake up that early so that there is no excuses throughout the day that I am too busy.

The last month meditation hasn’t been the best, my mind feels distracted and a few times I felt it was pointless. I could barely focus on it. Maybe in the whole thing I got a couple seconds of peace. You know what got me through? Is that every time it gets hard like that I know that if I keep going I’ll get to the good stuff. So, after a “bad” meditation I laugh a bit. I just believe so greatly that all it is, like in fitness, hitting a plateau. If I just keep at it even when it isn’t perfect then I can keep at all my goals when it isn’t going perfectly either.

So, you out there…you can do this. Inspire time to take care of your self. At 5:15 it is the “me” time I have craved. I crawl out of bed saying thank you for another gift of a day and set my intentions that great things will happen. When I crawl out I am tired. I probably have a puffy sleep face. My body aches and cracks. I do not have the look of any Buddhist monk or enlightened person, but give me my time and I will.

Dedicated to S.N. 



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