Are you listening?

I took a walk last night around a neighboring town while my daughter was at dance. I don’t live in town and so I find it so interesting to glance in the houses and peek into the owners life if only just for a moment. The poinsettia’s still blooming. The art work on the wall. The hockey game on TV.

It got me thinking about the previous night. I had a big group of painters that were listening for my cues on what step to take next to finish their art. The woman there are hard on themselves. I felt it. Not in as much as what they say, but the energy they give off in it. It is heavy. I sighed many times. A lady asked me what was the matter and I said I can feel the negative vibes that some people have in their frustration of trying something new. She laughed. I was serious.

One lady was very frustrated. She did a great job. But, how hard she was on her self was not just about the painting. It was in all aspects of her life. I could tell. It is like I had this moment to see her life spill out and we were painting a night sky. It made me hurt inside. I thought about her for the rest of the night. The next day I messaged her and offered her some energy healing if she was interested. She said she’d think about it. It was all I could do.

But, what I understand about that moment is that sometimes when I have thought about helping my community heal I have thought of fundraisers and big events. As if a parade of money or gifts bestowed upon them will initiate healing. My light bulb moment was understanding that telling her in the message that I see her. She is not invisible to me. I see a door open that may be willing to see life differently in her. My purpose is to continue seeing everyone in that light. It is truly how I can help. They may reject it, they may step into it, but that is their choice.

As always, so thankful for those blessings and awakenings.


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