Are you listening?

I took a walk last night around a neighboring town while my daughter was at dance. I don’t live in town and so I find it so interesting to glance in the houses and peek into the owners life if only just for a moment. The poinsettia’s still blooming. The art work on the wall. The hockey game on TV. Continue reading

My Self, My Life


I examined my life. I felt a freedom in it. I looked at life and realized that I had told the stories to keep it all logical because I didn’t want to feel any of the pain. The raw emotions were vulnerability and back then that was scary. It still has its moments.

Fast forward. I went and saw two different energy healers in a matter of a few days. They each helped in their own way. The first reminded me to keep being curious in my life. There were many things out there that I should look into and add to my life and practice. The second healer reminded me to be brave. What if I woke every morning and asked myself how could I be brave today? He told me to clearly define what it is I want. Homework!! Continue reading