My Time Has Come

I looked at my shame and now I don’t feel so afraid. It seems to be that looking at my life showed me that I’ve been through a lot and I survived. My friends have been fantastic and were supportive of what I was trying to accomplish with examining my life.

And now, we have to get along with this business of living my life. I wrote down some intentions for 2017 and some goals. What felt different about this year then the last? I felt that my goals are possible. I gave myself permission to be bigger. I don’t want to limit myself so I also gave permission to the universe to show me more. There was something else this time….a feeling that my time has come.

I want to follow my passion and create abundance in it.

I want to take a family holiday together.

Create more art.

Write more.

Pursue the path of reiki and all the healing I can give and receive.

Be truthful about who I am.

Easy Peezy.

















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