Give Me a Little Rumi

I have the key to this life. I have it right in my hand. I have a light inside of me that knows exactly what path to follow. I have the awareness to remain cool through all the ups and downs of my life. Instead of feeling excited of this gift; I feel fear.

The miracles of our life are just hidden within. We could just unlock them in our journey. Trust your gut. Meditate. Find stillness to create peace in your heart and mind. Entertain the emotions you feel, but don’t live there. When you are working through a problem take out the emotions so you can see the cause. Don’t be a victim in your life. Be responsible for your choices and actions. Realize that every time a person reacts in a negative way towards you just know that it isn’t about you that it is about them. How you react to them, well, that’s about who you are. Simple, right?

Open the door to your heart and how wonderful a world it can be if we just allow it to be.

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