Time vs Me

One of the biggest struggles I have with is time. I could give you a long list of things I do, but it just all equals: busy. My biggest struggle is making time for meaningful things for me. I realized that I have kept thinking that when summer came I would have more time. But, summer came and went and then the kids school activities started and I felt lost.

I have been meditating strongly for 3 months straight. I have seen it do amazing things in my life. I have always heard of “scheduling in me time” but I have never done it except in planned girls nights and unexpected alone time. It really hit me that I have so many things I love to do and feel passionate about, but continue to deny it because of time.

Time has become the enemy, but underneath all that is excuses and the truth of why I choose not to do what makes me happy. I have to schedule exercise, art and writing. What? I have no choice.

I promise:

  • One blog per week, at least. Also, I have to write atleast 15-30 minutes a day.
  • Work on my art, painting or anything creating. I’m starting easy on myself, but looking for an hour a week.
  • Reiki (spiritual self): I have to continue to research and learn more to grow spiritually. That means to continue meditating, eating healthy and exercising regularly (30 mins every day minimum).

It won’t be easy. I will feel resistant at first, but I will use how it was to meditate regularly. I had to wake up early and continue to wake up early to give myself the time. I suppose I should set me alarm 15 mins earlier to stick the writing in there. Oh great… 5 am. Next thing you know I’ll be waking at 3am just to get all of this “me” time in. It is a thought….




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