2016 The Year the Wall Came Down

The wall is cold. My hand presses on it to push it back, but it is solid. Even in my peripheral vision I can tell there is no opening. I’m not an engineer but how did I build something so elaborate. This wall seems to have no end. It is all around me. I can remember a time when that felt safe, but now it is hurting.

I close my eyes and wish for a way to see the light. I am asking for help. I can no longer do this alone. I surrender the wall. I surrender. I am on my knees and I hear an answer, “Make a choice to see the truth.” The truth? I open my eyes and there is light. Light all around me. The wall is gone. It was built out of fear. I see the light because I see it as the truth. The truth of who I really am and what I am here to do.



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