Stepping Out Soon

“Your degree of resistance around something will be proportional to the amount of power waiting for you on the other side of that resistance.”   Barbara Stanny

I shouldn’t even write a blog about this at all. The reason is because the best stories are the ones that you accomplish and then share. It isn’t a good story to tell people that I’m trying to put myself out there but haven’t quite done it yet. <silence>

I struggle with resistance. I have talents. I have amazing ideas. I keep them within. I do nothing with them. I argue with myself inside myself (huh?). I allow my fears to rule me. My ego is so much bigger then I would like to believe, but my awareness is gaining ground. But, I am still in my private and small world. <cricket sounds>

The quote has done something to me today. If what Barbara Stanny says is true, then I have a whole lot of power waiting for me. So, what am I doing to get past resistance? I am working on a website to promote my reiki practice, teaching art as well as my own works of art. It is a big task, but I am doing it. I have done some little things that have made me cry so hard such as taking everyone off my blocked list and pressing send to share my stuff with strangers. I cried so much that you would have thought I was grieving a death of a close friend. I was releasing my private ego that has landed me in this dark corner. All the little things that I do continue to help me find a switch to light my path. I trust it more then ever.

In writing this blog it is another step to continue the path of least resistance.




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