Dear Spirit – Butterflies

This is my last post about the Signs and Symbols  course from Carmel Joy Baird. 

I got home from work and grabbed the laptop and hurried to sit on the deck. I wanted to enjoy the sunshine before the supper rush was upon me. As I reached the door I saw the butterfly waiting for me. I had seen it here a few times during the week. I’d open the door and off it would go. 

I had never seen so many butterflies as I did this past week. There was a storm the one day and a couple sought refuge under the eaves. They would close their wings and hold steady while it poured and the wind tried to shake their grip. 

It was fitting to see this one before I wrote this last blog post. I didn’t know what to expect with requesting different signs and symbols for 24 weeks would do for me. It had started as a connection to my mother but I see that I have so many loved ones and angels all showing me that “hey, here we are” and that we exist. We are really only just energy just outside of yours. 

I feel that what it truly did was close a chapter on forgiveness for me and my mother. I was hurt by her in her death and now feel that we have buried the burdens of our past. If she was alive now and was going through a fight of cancer I would have done everything to help her. I just wasn’t equipped to do it at 16. I would have been the daughter she would have hoped for instead of the one she had then. But life wasn’t to be at that time. I’ve learned many things and she has been able to get through her own pain of her life. I believe with her gifts, if she could get past the hurdles of the human ego, she will be a powerful healer. 

Carmel’s favourite messenger is the butterfly do it was quite fitting that she saved it for last. Thank you for the healing it provided. Thank you for the connection that made me laugh and sometimes cry. Thank you spirits for giving me exactly what I need. 


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