Dear Spirits – Misplaced Objects

Ha! Yes, misplaced items. A friend gave me the strangest item to borrow and try. It is crown chakra spray. It is essential oils and holy water and crystal soaked spray. She handed it to me at a birthday party. I slipped it in my pocket. I brought it home and set it down and then it was no where to be seen.

At this same time, my little boy keeps on mentioning he can’t find his iPod. I remember seeing that as well, but it was gone.

Both items are at home….somewhere. I had read “Ask Your Guides” previously and they said you can ask for guides to help you find lost items. I did and later that day the crown chakra spray was in the top shelf of a closet. I had thought hmm, how did you get up here?

I haven’t found the iPod, but my little boy sure talked about it a lot this week. I did look for it, but haven’t seen it yet. I think the battery died so I won’t be able to use find my phone feature.

Thanks for the laughs and signs.

P.S. The crown chakra spray got me right in the face when I first used it. Lucky it had holy water in it.



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