Detox 7-10

I am done the detox. I felt nervous waking up on Day 11. I wondered could I continue with these changes and make it work in my everyday life. I got on the scale and I have lost 8 pounds in total.

Questions of course:

What have I learned about my body over the past ten days? I realized I took it for granted that it would always be there for me. I need to take care of it.

What did I notice or discover about my relationship to food? Sigh. I love food. But, I love it in a way that isn’t healthy. I love it all. I loved the treats. I love cooking. I can still do all that, but in reason.

What did I notice about my energy levels? I would not say my energy levels were high.

This rolls into ….What did I notice about how my sleep affected me the following day? I slept well if I went to sleep on time. I had a couple shorter night sleeps and with no coffee to get me through I had a hard time. I had a few naps which I never take. I felt ok about it, but I realized how much effort to get yourself to bed and rest properly, because otherwise I would suffer.

How did I effectively handle difficult moments? I was lucky. I didn’t have to many, but I just told myself that particular sugary item is the reason I got here in the first place. And then when I walked away I’d tell myself I had done great.

What practices do I want to continue? I think that I will stick to paying attention to meals that it has good fat, protein and lots of vegetables. I have not drank coffee either. I would like to stay away from sugary products.

What do I want for myself going forward? I would like to continue to lose more weight and make this part of daily life with the food choices.

It was a good 10 days. I did learn a lot. I learned mostly about my own impulse controls. I could sustain myself on the diet and I didn’t starve. I have convinced my husband of changes in his diet as well. My family tried different food. I made homemade kale chips last night and everyone ate them and said they were good. That was awesome.

I’m off to a birthday party. It is the true test…wish me luck.


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