Detox Day 4-6 – Camping

You have no electrical power. Do you think you’ll still here the blender in the woods? Hell no! Not on this camping trip. No SMOOTHIES! I feel liberated. I could eat real food for breakfast. Oh ya, oh ya, oh ya. Happy dance is completed.

I was nervous about trying to maintain the detox during camping. Camping consists of hot dogs around the fire. Marshmallows, alcohol and other treats and sometimes even alcohol in the marshmallows. It is usually an indulgence weekend. I contacted some friends on advice and they asked me are you planning to continue with this after the 10 days. I said yes, a version of it. One of my lovely friends said, “One bad food day won’t make you obese and one good food day won’t make you a supermodel.” She said don’t deny yourself if you’d like a little treat and then carry on with your healthy eating. OK! And yes, I know its a detox, but this camping trip was sprung on me the day before and I didn’t want to say no to my family for my food issues.

Day 4 – No escape. I had my smoothie, but I knew for 2 days approaching that I was going to be free of my baby food. I had some errands and packed up our camper. We headed out to the lake to watch rodeo and go boating. I exercised. I ate well, but supper turned out later then normal. My friend and I prepared lots of healthy choices. It was great. No big deal.

Day 5 – The sun rose. I went for a run. I prepared a real breakfast. I had kale salad with avocado and eggs. Oh yum. I did have a major treat at lunch though. I ate a smokie that had been roasted on the fire. I not only got high fat and preservatives but some burnt carcinogenic material on my smokie, but it was so good. No bun. I mixed it with veggies. Supper was late and was able to enjoy some steak, but with lots of veggies. No chips or junk food for me.

Day 6 – I went for a run. My last day here and I rejoiced in my real breakfast. The smoothie was a distance memory. I had a bit of a treat in my eggs. I did a scrambled egg with tons of veggies, but then added a bit of bacon. Bacon is by far the most amazing thing ever. It was so savory the miniscule amount I had. We headed home and I was able to be more back to normal by lunch and supper.

There was a few treats, but meal time was all over the place. I did well over all. It has really made me aware of all the snacking and how I am always trying to fill. No coffee. I just brought my green tea/ginger mix. No detox baths, but I had an amazing shower. I don’t need all of the stuff. We are so pushed to have sugar and snacks. I don’t know the numbers but I would guess that the money made on cookies, chips and pop is a huge business and they have lots of power. Natural is best. Don’t get caught in the hype of a billion dollar business that doesn’t care about your health. Choose carefully!

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