Detox – Day 1-3

There’s a lot I hate about the detox. I hate the smoothies. I hate taking baths and you are supposed to do the detox bath. I miss coffee. A lot. But, there has been some interesting changes.

Day 1: smoothie from hell. It had mint and lime in it so my mind wandered to a mojito, but with kale it was more like scum on a pond. So gross. I had my excellent salad with protein and good fats. I was good at work. I missed coffee but I drank green tea with ginger and it helped me feel like I was having something. I had my supper and then went to a soccer windup filled with hotdogs, cookies and ice cream. I had none of it. I felt pretty good and thought I can do this….

Day 2: smoothie was better, made a different kind, so that helped. I felt really weak and shaky when I first woke up. This day proved to be the detox day. I felt ill. I was so exhausted. The book says to feel better about it because it means it’s working. I couldn’t keep my eyes open but had a fitful sleep. I really had concerns if this was the best choice for me.

Day3: gagged down another smoothie. I still felt weak and shaky in the morning. But, overall it was more tolerable at work. I had made the cauliflower soup, but again texture is important to me. It reminded me of the smoothie. It was like baby food. I made supper later and went for a run. I felt I had some energy back and was able to get some stuff done.

Overall I have learned some things about myself. I hate food that reminds me of baby food. I like chewing. I realized how much I relied on coffee to keep me awake. I went to sleep earlier. I am a snacker. I can eat fairly well in meals, but I like grabbing of few of these and a few of these. I like sweet foods too. I miss eating my apple at work. I miss cheese. But, I have lost 5 pounds so far. It seems crazy. I have been exercising every day. Day 2 exercise was a walk because I felt so crappy, but by Day 3 I felt better.

It is Day 4 and I am going camping. I will stick to it as best as possible. I am packing healthy food and since there’s no power on site then I may have to forgo the smoothies for a chewable version of them. So excited for that. But, I think it is possible.

#detox 6.5 days to go

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