I Said Yes

My friend said, “I think you should do the 10 Day Detox with me!” My first thought was no. But, ego is always saying no to these changes, so I said yes. I bought the book, but the more I read the less I was feeling great about it. I told her I am starting tomorrow. I said if I read the whole book I will not want to do this. I will follow the 10 days. I will read the book as I go. I got it on the Kobo reader so I won’t eat the pages of a real book.

The Blood Sugar Solution. 10-Day Detox Diet by Mark Hyman, M.D. is the book that I got.It says things like no sugar, no coffee, no alcohol, no dairy, no gluten and no fun. I said the last time that I was non-drinking was like from 0-14 years of age. So, I figured I can do no alcohol for 10 days at 40. Cross fingers. The part I have the most trouble with is coffee. I am going to miss that the most. It explains what sugar does in the body and how certain food causes inflammation. It makes a lot of sense. And then the fear kicks in. The ego telling me that oh big deal, you aren’t going to die tomorrow. Why do you have to do this? It will take forever to prepare the food. But, a small voice tells me it is just 10 days. I got this. It will be ok. There is lots of veggies to eat. I won’t be hungry. The worst part will be the first couple days and the best part will be the results.

I am going to do the poor man’s version of this 10 day detox. I don’t want to buy all the stuff that he says, and I have stuff in my garden that will be great to work with too. I looked over the meal plans and feel that I can do them, or a version of them and follow the recommendations. I am not a fan of smoothies, but I will give them a try. I like chewing my food and smoothies in the morning are usually gag worthy. But, I’ll put an umbrella in it and call it festive. I will try some of the meals, but will have to do some basic meals for lunch at work.

But, the tricky part is there is questions. So, here’s my attempt to answer them.

Why? Why am I doing this detox? I need a change. I love baked goods. I love coffee. I like a glass of wine. I am not over the top, but I also am not doing my body any favors.

What do I hope for? I hope to see a change after the 10 days. I hope I feel amazing. I hope I can raise my vibration to my Higher Self.

What are 3 specific goals? To work out every day for the 10 days. To not feel hungry by the end of 10 days. I hope to shrink some belly fat.

What are the top 3 things that hold me back from losing weight? busy life, motivation, sugar love

What beliefs do I have that might be holding me back? I do not have the time.

What is my relationship with food and how would I like to nourish myself? I enjoy food a lot. I have learned to equate it with how to love others. And I’d like it if my nourishment came from a spiritual place and not the fridge.

How does being overweight diminish my happiness and from my ability to fulfill my life’s purpose? If you eat unhealthy food you can’t connect with your Higher Self as easily. You need to eat purely to make your body as receptive. I’d like to see if this can happen. Overall, I’m not unhappy, but I know I can feel better and that my body is capable of more.

What positive experiences have I had in the past that resulted from eating well and practicing self-care and nurturing? I felt strong and powerful. I felt that I could do what I set my mind to do.

I won’t lie. I think an angrier version of myself will emerge the first few days. The one that is ticked about no coffee and lack of food. But, I will keep pushing and count down the days. The hope is that after 10 days I will see the difference and want to continue with the awareness of my food and my Self. I will keep you in the loop.

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