Ego Be Gone

My ego:

Not wanting to ask for help.

Not willing to be with other people, choosing to be alone.

Not speaking my truth.

Keeping secrets.

Keep my gifts hidden.

Feeling better than others.

Saying no when I mean yes.

I need to remember that my thoughts influence everything in my life. The thoughts that convince me that the people I love will be mad if I do that. Fearing what could happen even when I haven’t decided yet.

Fear in general.

I keep making baby steps in all of this, but I get the feeling that I have to be bigger and bolder. I have to open my heart to more. More healing. More passion. More love. More giving. More humor. More activity. More everything.

I’m scared as hell. But, the truth I have to remember in when I do take a step forward nothing crazy happens. The anxiety I feel goes away. I am slowly breaking free, but it isn’t enough. It is time to take a huge leap.


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