Dear Spirit – Coin


I’ve watched too many movies because when you ask for a sign you sometimes feel that the clouds roll in and the lightning will strike. It hasn’t worked that way for me. I don’t doubt that there is spirit out there, but I sometimes fail to ask or allow them to do their work in showing me. I was making more of an attempt to ask for a sign and then typically I ask for assistance to pay attention. This particular one was about coins. it wasn’t long after that I saw the picture on Facebook. It showed the dime on the pillow and I realized that I couldn’t ignore it. It was the first sign of coins. But, it wouldn’t be the last.

I rarely drive my husband’s truck. There was no reason to drive it except when my father called about cleaning at the cemetery. I wanted to take the grass trimmer and other lawn care tools. We took the truck. We (2 out of the 3 children were there) cleaned the grave sites while my father supervised. My mother is buried there along with my dad’s side of the family. There will be a graveside service and it has been a tradition each year cleaning and adding flowers. We came back and I cleaned out the truck of all the cleaning supplies. But, then I started tidying up all the other garbage my husband had in there. I grabbed tiny papers in the cup holder and there was a dime underneath. I stared at it thinking from the Facebook post that the picture was a dime as well. I felt joyful to find it. Thank you.

I was cleaning the house because I had been neglecting it for the past few days. I was enjoying long weekend summer freedom but it was time to get to work. I was using my central vac and was in the one bathroom and noticed something shiny on the mat. It was a dime. The dime on the pillow seemed to show the common theme I was seeing now. Dimes.

Thank you for showing me the coins. I feel like spirit was strong especially with my mother and my aunt. I will be visiting their graves today. Thanks to them for showing me they are still with me and giving me peace and comfort.


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