Dear Spirits – Touch

I have always believed that the wind cured everything. I walk down the trails on our property and will feel the breeze whip around me and I’d feel lighter. The air would grab onto the bits of negative energy hanging on after my day and whisk it away into the abyss.

The particular week that I asked to be shown “touch”, which could be a gentle breeze or goosebumps. It was ultimately one of the busiest weeks this spring/summer for me. I had been working, coming home for 20 minutes and then running for soccer games. I coach one of the teams so it is really hard to miss any of them. It would be late by the time I got home. But, each night I would try to sneak off for a brisk walk out on our trails. It seemed the safest choice with the lack of light. I may startle an animal, but walking on the road at dusk with vehicles driving seemed more dangerous.

I’ve been trying to pay attention to moon cycles. I’m trying to figure out whether to howl at it or that my period is coming. But I have felt change coming. I was having some big thoughts about what I will do after soccer. Summer holidays for the kids was happening very quickly. I have been too busy for my passionate work from painting to spiritual energy healing. I felt a bit lost. It came upon me quickly this strong wind. It blew through the trail and swirled around. I smiled thinking of the signs and symbols.

So, each night I went out for my walk and every night I was greeted with a little breeze that would blow around me and then settle down. It blew leaves onto my path. But, what it truly did for me was to leave my worries and fears on the path. Anytime I’d feel a lot of worry and concern the wind would blow strong. It would throw a leaf in my face. I’d laugh and carry on.

I got it. I get it. Thanks for keeping me on the right path.


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