War On Chores

I’m at war. I slick my hair in a ponytail for efficiency plus the grease from not washing it helps hold it in place. My battle begins like every other day. I expect the people I love to lend a helping hand or give me a few kind words of support. It doesn’t happen. It instead gets ugly.

I come in to the main bathroom ready to clean. I see that the toilet paper roll is empty. Shocking! There is a new one right behind them. No worries I’ll change it. What were they using to wipe? I check the towels but they look ok. I guess the tissue papers were used instead. How on earth does toothpaste spit end up way up there?

I ask child to do their chores and then I ask again and gone. This one went MIA. GPS signal was turned off and child is now incognito. I’m sure if plate of food is put down and I whisper lunch time then magically kiddo will appear. Every once in awhile she appears with iPod and iTunes gift card (because she needs a password for the iTunes account)and I remind her it isn’t happening until she does her chores.

I check out the downstairs bathroom which the girls have to keep clean. I look in the shower and there is a huge ball of hair. I ask who puts that there and doesn’t throw it away. They point at each other. So, a quick DNA sample and I conclude it is either their hair or a small animal.

The little one is supposed to gather garbage’s, but I have to get the timing of that just right. If I ask before snacks or meals that is the excuse. If I ask when dad is home it seems that a tractor starts up or some other utility vehicle and he bolts out of the house to see where dad is going. If I don’t look him in the eye, at 10:10am, after making his favorite breakfast, promising that I will give the down payment on his first John Deere tractor then maybe just maybe he will do his chores.

In the end it does get completed, but it’s a war. The gray hair, the bags under the eyes and the amped up negotiation skills are a sure sign that it has been a battle that was worth fighting. I love my trio, I really do. I just need to keep repeating it so the eye twitch subsides. XO

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