Dear Spirits – Flicking Lights

Signs and symbols this week was flicking lights. I think the most profound thing that happened with flicking lights is when I went to our neighbor’s (B’s) home. She has a traction table in her basement because she’s a retired physiotherapist. I don’t use it, but I go to help strap in my husband because B’s hands aren’t what they used to be.

So, I am sitting waiting for his 25 minutes of stretch to be over. B is telling us a story of her residency days and this particular surgeon. They were doing a hip replacement and had to pick the right size and make sure it was for sure the right size because it was cemented in. The size was chosen. They tell the residents to go for a break and come back to watch the rest of it. She said we came back in and she asked the surgeon oh you changed the size? They all realized that the wrong size was put in and the surgeon made a joke about needing a hammer and the nurse’s head that handed him the wrong size. The light bulb in one area of the ceiling goes off. I right away think it is spirit because that’s where my mind instantly goes. I wonder if it is the gentleman B is talking about. It turns back on. Moments later it goes off again and then back on. I ask inside whether or not it will do it anymore but I get the feeling it has stopped. B says, “Oh there are spirits in this house.” I nod thinking yes, and that was one of them. I wonder if the old surgeon just wanted to acknowledge that he remembers these funny memories too. My husband being the grounded one says, “Our lights flicker when the Air Conditioning turns on.” 😉


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