Dear Spirits – Feather

At the beginning of the week when I receive the Signs and Symbols from Carmel Joy Baird I ask to be shown while I’m in meditation. I put out the call to see feathers and ask that I stay aware all week to be shown.

It was a very busy week and my husband was away for 5 nights for training for his work. I had a major dental appointment for my son and I heard a huge crash. A bird had hit the glass of our railing on the deck. It was still alive. My son and I watched through the window and this Robin was so close to us. We could see it breathing and its feathers. My son was concerned that it might die, but I told him I have witnessed a few times that given time they can be ok. I think he’s just a bit dizzy and that when we get home we will check if he is still there. Fast forward, the bird had flown away.

Later on that day I was thinking about the bird and wondered if that was feathery enough for my blog it dawned on me that I had a dream about a feather the night before. I remember that in my dream that it was a long brown and white feather and that I bee lined to pick it up. I held it and turned it in my hands. I felt that the feather was given to me in my dream. I felt such an exhilaration of joy in remembering because typically I don’t recall many of my dreams.

You may laugh, but I did a Twilight marathon over the weekend. It took several days of watching a bit and turning it off. But, in the fourth installment there is a scene of Bella waking up after a night of passion in which there is feathers everywhere. The feathers were floating around in the broken up room, since a vampire making love to a human will result in broken furniture and pillows ripped apart. I noticed the feathers in the movie and how I laughed thinking is this why I started watching this so I could watch this part about the feathers. I say it counts, because I do not know why I wanted to watch any of these movies in the first place.

Thank you for the subtle ways of showing me and connecting. I never truly feel alone with all of you with me. Plus, I find you all have a sense of humor and that is never a bad thing.




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