Dear Spirits – Ringing Ears

Oh how I laughed when I received the email about ringing ears. Because I had just put oil in my ears since they felt so strange with ringing and making my head feel like it was in a drum. It sounded like the acoustics were off in my ears so I thought I’d put a drop of oil in each to help. I saw my email and thought of course I’d be bothered by my ears. How fitting!! They bugged me and bugged me. It took several days for it to pass.

My ears felt super sensitive this week. I kept asking for the TV to be turned down. Everything felt amplified. By Saturday night I was awaiting the next signs and symbols to give me relief. And now, my ears are just fine.

I have had many times that my ears ring for no reason. This week was my most bothersome ear issues to date. So, thank you? But, next time I would not ask for this to be my signs and symbol. 🙂 Thank you spirits for the visit!


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