Dear Spirits – Music

I love music. I listen to songs to brighten my mood. I listen to sad songs when I feel melancholy. I love music. I love to sing along with music. I wondered how spirit was going to manipulate my music so that I paid attention.

I knew it as soon as I heard the song. Big League – Tom Cochrane.  It came on the radio and I could have cried on hearing it. I fell instantly back to my red boom box in my bedroom circa late 1980’s. The song is a sad story of a young man full of potential who dies early in life. I sang along and remembered all the words.

“Ah, never can tell what might come down

Never can tell when you might check out

Just don’t know, no you never can tell

So do right to others like you do to yourself

In the Big League”

I hadn’t heard the song in so long that I felt a flood of emotions hearing it. I knew this was what I needed to hear and tune into. Thanks so for such a wonderful moment. Music brings such clarity to me. I just wish I had the great voice too!


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