Dear Mom – Smells

When I first heard this one I laughed because my first response was “I hope I don’t have to smell her perfume.” It was always such a strong scent and it disagreed with my nose. My mother liked things in a big way. She wore bright colors and strong scents. I am understated. I like dark colors and hints of scent. She used to always tell me “Where’s the color?” as I walked around in jeans and black shirts. But, I wasn’t privy to those strong scents. What I did get was smelling strange scents that seemed to have no explanation, but I didn’t know who or what it may have ties to. Or, we had more then one rousing conversation about smells. I was laughing as my kids discussed their favorite smells and the worst smells in more then one van trip. Soccer season has started and there was so many convos about sweaty feet. My one child rolled down the window and screamed get it out of here. I laughed ’til I cried. I found my joy in this one. Thank you.



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