Dear Mom – Phone

The signs and symbols this week was phone. I carry a phone with me all the time for work and play. I wouldn’t say that my phone did anything too strange. It had a few stalls and I just turned it off and back on again. But, what did happen was when I used my phone and had a couple experiences that I will talk about with you.

In meditation I use my phone to play soft music because I like to wear headphones to blank out the noise of my home. My phone was near me and I started my meditation and was relaxed. If you had read my earlier post my husband thinks it is funny to poke me in meditation. I will say many times I hear him approach and smack his hand before it reaches my face. But, this time in my relaxed state I felt a touch like a hand on my leg. My eyes popped open thinking my son was there. But, there was no one. I closed my eyes again. A few minutes later I felt that I was touched on my hand. I opened my eyes again. No one was there. I felt that it was you saying you were near. I was filled with gratitude.

A few days later, I was playing Candy Crush on my phone while I waited for my oldest at the dentist. I glimpsed movement to my right so I looked up but there was nothing there and at the same time something touched my left hand. I shifted my body to the right. I was so surprised by it. There was no one sitting by me. I looked around but no one noticed my behaviour.

It isn’t really about my phone, but it did seem that when me phone was being used these things happened. It felt like the right thing to do to discuss these things happening as my signs and symbols for the week.

Thanks Mom.


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