Dear Mom – Dragonfly

Here I am. I ask for dragonfly as my signs and symbols. I live in a place that my likelihood of seeing a dragonfly alive outside is unlikely given the weather here in Canada. Dragonfly’s when they are out in their natural wonder are such amazing little creatures. The wings are so colorful and sparkle in the light. But, it is too soon for them here.

I feel like I  fill you with excuses why my ability to give you many examples of signs does not come to light. But, in truth to have just one sign that I feel overwhelmed by seeing is enough for me.

My husband wants to get a metal art sign for the end of our driveway. We have been deciding what we want it to represent with our family. The husband would like it to have horses on it. I was doing a google search. My search included horse metal sign. I scrolled through and then within all the horses there was this dragonfly image. It caught my eye. It hit me that I was so distracted that here it was. The sign. I paused so simply at that moment and I thought there you are Mom. Thank you.



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