Dear Mom – Bells

This week I was told to listen for bells. Ok. So, I started my week with getting a new bed and mattress. I was cleaning out some rooms to rearrange furniture. I heard my printer go off like a bell alarm. It was beeping and carrying on. I walked over to it from the other room but it wasn’t on. I looked around and thought of all our devices that could ring, because my phone is always on silent mode. I knew it came from our room, but we have nothing else in there. I thought good one.

Then at work we have monitors that needed charging and such and all of a sudden they all go off and start beeping. I was trying to turn them off and shut them down and thought oh my!! These had been in my office for weeks and then the first time I touch them they are ringing like crazy. It was pure madness.

They weren’t old fashion bells sounds but it was bell-ish enough for me. Thanks for showing me your presence and hope that your proud of all the amazing things that I have been up to, because I think if one person that would understand this it would be you.

I love you and thanks for welcoming my Lady home. xo

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