The 7 Best Things I Ever Did

The best things I ever did so far. I got this idea from Danielle Laporte. She had some poignant response to that thought of “9 of the Best Things I Ever Did (Volume 2)”. I love these kinds of ideas that make me reflect on what I have possibly changed in my life and made better.

  1. I stopped drinking pop. I can’t do it anymore, because it physically hurts me on my stomach level. The hamster spins too fast in my head that I feel dizzy. I had to quit.
  2. I love being a sounding board for others, but not at the risk of feeling taken. You know the ones that take from you and love your reassuring voice, but then either repeat the same things over and over and then come to you again for the same exact issue. Energy suckers. They just want to hear their own voice and have no ability to effectively realize that change comes from within, not from me nor from others.
  3. To release control. I had tried for many years to control everything, but it came back to that the only person I have control of is myself. I am good with that.
  4. Using my voice effectively. It is the balance of saying comments off the cuff and hurting everyone’s feelings, to not saying anything to save everyone’s feelings, but instead causes pain to build up inside with no escape. It means to speak my truth with using no guilt or emotions to just say how I feel and release that with no intention of an outcome in my favor.
  5. Taking my first Reiki course. It has opened my eyes on spiritual transformation. It has been such a gift to me and my abilities. If nothing else I will never forget my connection as long as I live.
  6. To keep pushing and asking and reading and being open to what I am curious about. I give a lot of thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert and her impassioned speech on finding your passion on being curious. It made me realize that we all have to keep the curiosity alive and maybe along the way we will fully understand our passion and our life purpose.
  7. This is still a work in progress, but it is doing what I love and not caring what others think. It is to paint the picture and release it. It is to write the blog and release it. It is to dress myself and release it. It is to look in the mirror and reflect beauty and light and release it. It is helping others heal and release it.

I still struggle with fear, but if I take a moment when I felt fear and did it anyway I remember thinking there was nothing to be fearful of and that it turned out perfectly fine. Let me know the best thing you ever did, I’d love to see it.


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